Customize User Permissions for Business and People Data Import

A Global Business & People layer allows Geopointe customers access to over 8 million global businesses and 100 million people, powered by Zoominfo. These layers can be viewed in redacted form without purchased credits or with names and basic information with purchased credit prior to import.

This document covers granting access to import this information and how to restrict a user's ability to do so.

Button Visibility

Although already covered in the Setup Doc, it's important to remember that you can adjust the button visibility at a profile, group, or individual level. They should already be visible, but if you don't want everyone to have access to them, go back to Geopointe Setup and to the Actions tab. Click on User Access next to Import Businesses or Import People.

The following page is a standard Salesforce Sharing Detail page. You can adjust who has access from there. If you only want certain users to be able to import, make sure they are the only ones with visibility to the button.

Import Restrictions

If you want people to be able to import but don't want one single person to use all of your purchased credits, you can restrict the number of imports a user can do within a single month. This restriction is set in Geopointe Setup on the User Settings tab.

Your currently licensed Geopointe users should show up in the list on this page. To restrict a user's limit, click Edit next to their name.

Locate Global Business Monthly Limit among the options. Add the number of imports you would like to allow the user to do within a single month. When done, click Save.

The monthly limit is clearly visible on the main page of the User Settings tab. If you choose NOT to give a user a limit, they have no restriction and can import as many businesses or people as you have allotted credits.

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