Import Business or People Data

Business and People are imported from a Global Business & People layer. Powered by Zoominfo, these layers give the Geopointe user access to over 8 million global businesses and 100 million people. These layers can be viewed in redacted form without purchased credits or with names and basic information with purchased credit prior to import.

This document walks through the process of completing the actual import. Links to next steps are provided at the bottom.

Import Businesses

Once you have created a Business and People data layer and have searched for it on the map, you are ready to begin the import process. For a business, this can be initiated in one of two ways: clicking on the individual record and importing one at a table, or using the list action to import all results or selected results.

To import one business record, click on its pin on the map. With purchased credits, the pin will show you the name, some basic information, and what information is available to you after you import. To do so, click Import Business.

The following screen will ask you to choose your Import Object (if you created more than one mapping for business data), and then you can click Import Selected at the bottom of the screen.

Once imported, you'll receive a confirmation message to let you know it has been imported. Note that there will now be a yellow Imported label on the record. That helps you know if you try and import it again that it is already in the system.

When finished, click Close at the bottom of the box.

If you want to import multiple records at once, choose the Import Businesses button in the list actions, found in the button right corner of the map. 

The import page will now include a list of all or selected records. Again, remember to select the correct Import Object. Now, you can either choose select records, or choose the Select All box at the top of the list. When ready, click Import Selected. For this example, Select All was used and then businesses not needing to be imported were unchecked before importing.

If one or both of the Import Business(es) buttons are not visible to you, an admin will need to make them visible in Geopointe Setup.

Import People

Importing people works very much like importing businesses, but you do have some additional filtering options. To begin, click on a Business and People Data Layer pin on the map. Click on the Import People button.

In the employees window, you will get a list of all available people for import. Much like the businesses, you'll see their name and title, and if available their level and role. It's likely you don't need to comb the entire list of employees to find the people you want to import. You can filter by their Name, Title, Function, Management Level, and available communication methods. In the example below, all management levels were chosen, and then manual selection was done after the filtering.

When ready, click Import Selected at the bottom of the window.

The next page confirms where to save the new people imported into your Salesforce org. If you are importing people attached to a business that has already been imported, it will prepopulate and all that is needed is to click Import With This Parent.

If you have not imported the corresponding business, you'll be given a search bar. You can choose from any Salesforce accounts, or choose to import the parent. When you've made your selection, click Import With This Parent.

And that's it! Once that step is completed, new contacts will be in your system for calling or emailing.

Next Steps: