Define and Search a Global Business & People Data Layer

A Global Business & People layer allows Geopointe customers access to over 8 million global businesses and 100 million people, powered by Zoominfo. These layers can be viewed in redacted form without purchased credits or with names and basic information with purchased credit prior to import.

This document will walk through the process of building the layer. Links to next steps are provided at the bottom.

Create a Business & People Layer

To create a new layer, go to the Saved Layers tab on the Map. Click the Plus Sign. Choose Geopointe Data when the selection window appears. Choose Global Businesses and People on the next page.

Once editing a new layer, you'll notice it looks much like editing a data set. You'll be given default filters to help get you started, but you can delete, edit, and add to those.

To edit a filter, click on the field drop down on the left. To delete, click the X. To add a new one, click Add Filter. Note you that you have a limited number of fields to work with; all available fields are listed in the picklist.

For certain field types, the text entry box will pre-populate with values as you begin searching. For example, if you were to start typing banking, matching values would appear in the list.

Unlike a data set, you do not get to pick the fields on a Business & People layer, so you'll notice the field option is missing. You can can, however, still adjust your Markers. By default, it is coloring by the industry field. You can set that to be static, or to use a different field. You can also assign labels and custom color rules, just like a data set.

The Other tab allows you to order by a particular field value or limit the number of results, but it entirely optional.

When ready, Give your layer a name, assign it to a folder (they are required to be in a folder), and Save. When the save is complete, you'll see a green confirmation in the upper right.


Run a Business & People Search

A Business & People Layer will show up in your Saved Layers list like a data set. If you want to narrow it down and only see your Business & People Layers, use the type filter and choose Global Businesses.

The search itself works just like a Data Set search. You can choose to do a Nearby, Shape, Map View, or Everywhere search. Choose your search type and then click on the Business & People layer. The results will look much like a data set, but without the data table below the map.

You'll notice when you run your search, you can see where all the pins are, but when you click/hover over the results, the full name is readacted. That is because you can't see that information without credits. With credits, you can see the company name, but the rest remains redacted until the is imported into your Salesforce org.

Without credits, you can get a general sense of where the business is on the map, and see what information is available upon import. It will also tell you how many contacts are available under that company.

Next Steps

Any questions about the nuances of this functionality? Don't hesitate to open a support case.