Console Setup

Geopointe works in the console but it does require some additional steps to make it fully functional.

Step one is to create custom Map buttons that will correctly open new tabs while in the Console view. For objects that you will want to map in the console, you will need to create a new Detail Page Button. The Behavior should be Execute JavaScript. Below is a screenshot of the necessary settings.

The content of the button should be very similar to the following JavaScipt snippet. This particular button is for an Account as you can see the {!Account.Id} merge field. For other objects you will need to replace the "Account" part of those merge fields with the object name you are creating this button for.

if(sforce && sforce.console && sforce.console.isInConsole()){


        var mapURL = '{!URLFOR($Site.Prefix+'/apex/geopointe__Map?id='+Account.Id)}'; 
        var tabLabel = 'Map'; 
        var active = true; 
        var tabId = 'gpMap:{!Account.Id}'; 

        sforce.console.openSubtab(, mapURL, active, tabLabel, null); 

    parent.window.location.href = '{!URLFOR($Site.Prefix+'/apex/geopointe__Map?id='+Account.Id)}';

If you are using the Salesforce Classic interface you can use this button for all Page Layouts and in the Console. If you are using the Lightning interface this button will only work in the Console.