How to Save a Demographics Layer

Geographically visualizing Salesforce data is an invaluable tool for any business. By layering that data with demographics information, businesses can gain even more market insight and improve their resource distribution.

To create a demographics layer, follow these steps:

1. Start on the Saved Layers tab of the Map's control panel, click +, select Geopointe Data, then select Demographics.

2. Give your layer a name and select a folder where you want to save it.

3. Choose your metric options in the drop-downs. Enter in the minimum and maximum values you would like to use (this determines the granularity of your colors). Click the Show Legend button to see how these values are represented. Notice that as you adjust the min and max, your layer becomes visible on the map.

4. Click Save As when you are finished editing the layer. Your newly saved Demographics layer will be visible on the map and now stored in the folder you designated. To see the legend, click on the Mapped Layers tab, then click Show Legend


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