Marker Clusters

Marker Clusters change individual map pins into general area clusters, like the image below:

Clusters help you see your data in concentrations, creating a more comprehensive view than possible with layered map pins.

Marker Clusters are automatically set for all Geopointe users; no additional setup is required. However, there will be times when you as a user want to turn auto-clustering off.

If a data set search result auto-clustered when you didn't want it to, it can be easily changed on the Mapped Layers tab on the control panel.

Next to the Data Set name are two icons for toggling the view type. The clusters are the bullseye icon. To change it back to pins, click on the Map Pin icon.

If you would rather change the number of search results when auto-clustering occurs, that can be adjusted in Settings, found in the upper right of your map. 

Auto-Cluster Query Size is located in the Preferences section. By default, it is set to 2000 search results. If you would like to see clusters at a lower number of search results, decrease the number. If you would rather see clusters at a higher number, increase it. If you never want to see clusters, increase the number to above 100,000.

For more options on how to interact with your search results, check the documentation for the Mapped Layers tab.