Create Record Action

With Create Record actions, users can immediately create new Salesforce records from any location on the map (i.e. by tapping or clicking, or from a Google Places search result). You can allow Geopointe to populate the address fields and other data for you, which will save your users the time required to manually enter this data. This feature offers numerous use cases, such as:
  • Creating Leads and Opportunities from door-to-door sales
  • Creating Prospects from a Google Places search
  • Creating Tasks for following up on Accounts that had recent service requests
  • and many more!
This document will guide you in configuring and using these actions. Please also see the Actions document for an overview of the entire Geopointe Actions framework.


Before you begin, please note that the Create Record action requires a field set for the specified object so that field inputs are captured when a user proceeds through the creation process. Before the action is configured, you must first create a field set in Salesforce Setup. To learn more about creating Field Sets see the Salesforce article on Creating and Editing Field Sets.

Follow these steps to configure the Create Record action:

1. Create a field set for the object in Salesforce Setup. In this example, the new record action will be configured to create an Account, so we will need to create an Account Field Set. If you have multiple record types for the object that is being created, you have the option to define multiple field sets to be used for each record type in the Create Record action. (Note: Field Set creation is not available in Lightning. You must switch to Classic in order to create Field Sets in Setup.) 

2.  Navigate to the Geopointe Setup tab, click the Actions tab, then click the New Action button. 
Configure an action with the following settings:

Name - Create Account (or whatever name you wish the button to be!)
Available (Web) - Check this box to make the action available in the web version of Geopointe.
Available (SF1) - Check this box to make the action available in the Salesforce mobile app version of Geopointe.
Apply To - Select Point
Display Type - Select Button or Link, see the main Actions support article to see how these are different options are displayed in the application.
Action Type - Select Create Record
Point Type - Select Map and Place

3. Select the type of record you want to create. In this example, we selected Account. 

4. Select which Field Sets will be used for each Record Type, if necessary. If the object selected does not have record types, we will only have to select the Field Set to use for both a Map and Place action. Using different Field Sets for Place and Map allow you to collect different fields depending on how the Create Record action was initiated. Place is from a local business or address search and Map is from any location on the map initiated with a right click in the web version or a long press on the Map in Salesforce Mobile.

5. Map any values collected by Geopointe to populate on the new object. When a record is created, Geopointe will be able to provide some basic information such as address, coordinates, phone (if available), and website (if available). Not all fields are required for mapping but is recommended to map at least the address fields.

6. Set default values, if you like. A common use for the default values would be to set a field like Account Source to be able to track and report where this Account record was created from. Setting a default value is as easy as selecting the field to set and entering a value for both the Map and Place action.

6. Click Save. Make sure users have access to this Action by using the User Access link next to the Action name.

Web Usage

In the web version of Geopointe, the Create Record action can be accessed in two ways. The first is performing a Places search, selecting a result on the map, and then accessing the action button or link inside the info window. 

The second option is to right-click anywhere on the map to open the right-click menu and then select the Create Record action.

When the Create Account action is clicked, a new window will open displaying the fields configured in the Field Set we created for this action. The user can enter or modify the fields and then select the Save button to create the record.

Salesforce Mobile Usage

For Geopointe in the Salesforce mobile app, the Create Record action can be accessed in different ways:
  • Selecting the blue dot on the map, which is the user's Current Location
  • Selecting the red dot on the map which is the result of an address search
  • Pressing and holding anywhere on the map
When one of these points is selected, tap the white bar along the bottom to open the detail panel. Tap the button you created to initiate the action.

The same fields will be displayed as the web version based on the configured Field Sets but the user interface will be mobile-friendly for user input.


Watch this video to see how to configure a Create Lead action on the map: