The Interactive Legend

The Interactive Legend feature allows users to show/hide pins from the map based upon their Color By selection.

You can see a demonstration of this feature in the GIF below:

To use this feature, run a search on a data set with the markers colored by a field

In the Mapped Layers tab, click the Show Legend link to see the marker legend you configured.

Click marker colors to toggle them on or off, hiding them or showing them on the Map. 

  • Map list actions (e.g. Change Owner, Add to Campaign, etc) only run against displayed results.
  • List results, the heat map, and the pie chart all also adjusted based on the interactive legend.
  • Use Show All and/or Hide All function to best suit your needs. For example, if you were coloring by zip codes and only wanted to target 3 of 20 total, you're going to be better off starting with Hide All and then selecting the ones you want to see.
Need help getting started? Take a look at the color markers configuration doc.