Track Geopointe Usage

Note: These directions only work for Geopointe subscribers. If an admin would like to run these reports, they will also need to be a Geopointe licensing user, because this is run with Geopointe custom objects.


Customers often ask “How can I tell who is using Geopointe?” We can answer that now by creating simple Salesforce Reports.

Last Use Report

Geopointe began collecting usage information with the November 2014 release. Stored in a custom object called Geopointe User Usage, it documents a user's last access to Geopointe and the context (e.g. Map Tab, Salesforce mobile app, etc). This is modeled after the Last Login concept that Salesforce has on the User record.

To see this data, create a report with a Report Type of Geopointe Users Usages.

Geopointe Usage - Select Report Type

Add the User, Last Use, and Last Use Type fields as columns. Make sure the Show filter is set to All geopointe user usages. Click Run Report. If you save it, you can add it to a dashboard or schedule the report to be emailed to you.

Geopointe Usage - Customize Report

Geopointe Usage - The Report

Usage History Reporting

Here's a Pro Tip! Salesforce has the ability to track a field's change history. By default this is shut off on the Geopointe Usage object, because it does use storage space. However, it will prove useful if you want to see usage over time. If activated, the system will track updates to the user’s usage record and log the history.

Enabling Field History Tracking

1. In Salesforce Setup, go to Create | Objects and click the Geopointe User Usage object. (In Lightning, use the Object Manager to navigate there.) Click Edit and check the box next to Track Field History, then click Save

Geopointe Usage - Enable History Tracking

2. Click Set History Tracking in the Custom Fields & Relationships section. Check the boxes for Turn it on for the Last Use and Last Use Type fields.

Reporting on Usage History

1. Create a new report based on the Geopointe User Usage History Report Type. That option now appears because you enabled history tracking.

Geopointe Usage History - Select Report Type

2. Configure the report as shown below. You'll want to report against all Usage History, but filter by the Last Use field. Add the appropriate columns and group by User on the left and Edit Date (grouped by Month, Week or whatever you prefer) along the top. 

3. Click Run Report. If you care to save it, you'll have the ability to add it to a dashboard or schedule the report to be emailed to you. In the example below, I filtered for just the last 2 months and grouped by Week.