Mapping with Custom Coordinates

Geopointe places pins on the map by generating latitude and longitude coordinates for each record, but you may already be storing latitude and longitude data on your records. Geopointe can be configured to use your existing latitude and longitude coordinates instead of generating them through geocoding. 

We recommend that custom coordinates be in one of two formats:

  • Stored in a Salesforce geolocation field
  • Stored in two numeric fields.
To use them in Geopointe, they will need to be added to a Map Object. These instructions assume you have previously created the Map Object and you are editing it. If you are starting new, these steps for field insertion still apply.

Go to Geopointe Setup | Map Objects. Click Edit next to the map object you are adding custom coordinates to.

On the edit screen, you should see that the latitude and longitude to the right of the address fields. They should be set to Not Defined.


Click [change] and select the custom coordinates for both the latitude and longitude respectively.

Once you have attached your custom coordinates, your map object should look similar to this:

Click Save.

Now Geopointe will map each record at the custom coordinate location.

If some records have custom coordinates but others do not, Geopointe will fall back to the address to geocode it. Note: Do not use zeros in these fields as blanks, unless you want it to appear off the coast of Africa.