Tutorial: Add to a Campaign from Geopointe

The Add to Campaign action makes it easy to build campaigns from mapped records with a few clicks. Originally, the Add to Campaign button showed only if the app recognized that Leads or Contacts were on the map. Now you can add other types of objects as well, such as Accounts or Opportunities, that have a parent-child relationship to Contacts or Leads. Check out the video and the steps below for a quick run-through of building campaigns inside Geopointe. 

Follow these steps to utilize the Add to Campaign feature:

1. Create a campaign in Salesforce, or identify an existing campaign to add to.

2. Navigate to the Map and run your search. I opted for doing a shape search of New York for my leads and a filter of US Accounts.

3. Notice that the Add to Campaign button is now underneath the Actions menu in the lower right of the map. Note that these actions can be applied to all tabs or the selected tab. I want to add both the Leads and the Accounts, so I’ll keep All Tabs selected.

4. Confirm the campaign additions in the dialogue box. Any Leads or Contacts will be identified and added to the campaign automatically. For other types of objects, you will be prompted to confirm the relationship between that object and Contacts or Leads. In the example below, Geopointe detects the Account records and allows you to choose them based on a child relationship with Contacts. Check the box for the relationship type you want to use, then click Continue

5. Select your campaign. You then receive statistics on that campaign, and you choose the starting status for your new additions. Once it’s set, click Create Members.

Just like that, you’ve added people to a campaign from Geopointe!

However, what if you need to add people in the future? Let’s say I’ve decided to expand my Leads along the Eastern Seaboard.

If I walk through all of the steps to adding these Leads to the campaign, let’s see what happens:

The app recognizes that 3 of the 12 results are already in the campaign. It does not duplicate them, and it asks if you want to overwrite their status. As you can see, it also shows you the number of contacts that are currently on the campaign from the previous add.

Add to Campaign is just one of the many dynamic actions available on the map. Read our post on Actions to learn more about what you can do with these features.