Demographics Layer

How to Save a Demographics Layer

Geographically visualizing Salesforce data is an invaluable tool for any business. By layering that data with demographics information, businesses can gain even more market insight and improve their resource di...

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What demographics data is available?

Geopointe provides US Census Demographics data that you can overlay on the map. The data cannot be altered or written into Salesforce, but allows you to visualize demographic data in conjunction with your Sales...

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What countries have demographics data available?

At this time, we only support US demographics data. We are open to providing more if that data is available. Please log a case with us or use our ideas site if you are aware of additional data sources where thi...

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Can I populate my Salesforce database with the demographics?

Not at this time. Currently, the data is only available via map tiles on the map itself.

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Unable to display demographic data at the current zoom level.

In some cases, you may see a message similar to "Unable to display demographic data at the current zoom level. Please zoom in.". This typically occurs when using a granularity such as Block Group and trying to ...

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Can I suggest other layers I'd like to be available?

Of course! Please log a case with us or, better yet, use our ideas site to make this suggestion. We will certainly consider it.

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