Shapes and Assignment Plans

Using Assignment Plans for Filters

Assignment plans can be used to achieve many other business goals besides territory management. One powerful application is the ability to filter records by assignment areas. With the following use cases, you...

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Apply a Circle Shape to Multiple Records

The typical process for creating Shape Fields requires you to manually create each shape that you apply to a record. If you want to a circle shape with the same radius across multiple records, this could become...

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Boundaries in the Geopointe Shape Library

The Geopointe Shape Library includes the following predefined boundaries: Countries Timezones Timezone Bands More fine-grained boundaries are available in certain countries, as follows: United States Met...

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Why can I no longer see interior shape lines when I save a shape?

As of the May 2018 release, shape boundaries selected from the Geopointe Shape Library are merged by default. This allows for faster loading of shapes and is much easier on your browser. If you want the sub-sha...

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Mass Create Shapes From Existing geoJSON Data

Disclaimer: This is a manual solution. It will still require significant setup on your end to make it work, as well as experience using Data Loader or the Data Import Wizard. You should be at least a Salesforce...

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