Settings & App Operations

Adjusting User Access to Actions

Some actions may not be appropriate for all Geopointe end users, but are important to certain subgroups. For example, maybe you only want admins to see and use Change Owner, or Analysts to be able to export to ...

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What is Geopointe's international geocoding coverage?

We have very good international coverage via Google. Our coverage is very similar to what you would experience on the Google Maps website. Full coverage details can be found on this document on the Google Deve...

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Enabling Geocode Correction

Sometimes a pin is in the wrong place, or could be better situated to meet your business needs. Now you can correct the location with just a few clicks. The Correct Location action allows you to drag the pin to...

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How do I prevent Geopointe from loading my current location in the web?

Upon loading the Map page, Geopointe will automatically center the map on your location, as long as your browser settings allow location for that domain. You can prevent the map from auto-loading your location ...

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Managing User Settings From Geopointe Setup

In the User Settings tab of Geopointe Setup, admins can manage map settings for their user base by either configuring default settings for new users, or adjusting the settings of existing users. Users already h...

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