Using Analytics

The Analytics features can be accessed via the Visualize tab in Salesforce. If your username has been assigned an Analytics tier and your organization is setup to use Analytics, an Analytics sub-tab will appea...

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How Do I Add a Shapefile to SpatialKey?

One of the most used functions inside of SpatialKey is the thematic map layer. Rather than using the US boundaries provided, you can also see them based on boundaries inside a shapefile. Shapefile import is no...

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How do I overwrite an old data set in SpatialKey, instead of it creating a new data set?

Data sets will automatically overwrite previously imported data sets as long as you haven't changed the fields on the data set. When the data is pushed over to SpatialKey, it's essentially being passed in Sprea...

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How do I link a Shapefile to a SpatialKey data set?

After we have uploaded the Shapefile for you, launch SpatialKey from the data set you want to use the boundaries on. Change your data viewing type to "Thematic Mapping." By default, you'll see the US boundarie...

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