Data Sets & Saved Layers

Navigating the Saved Layers Tab

The Saved Layers tab houses all of the data that you can put on the map, including your active Map Objects and any Data Sets, Layers, Shapes, and Thematic Maps that you create. From the Saved Layers tab, you ca...

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Thematic Layers

A Thematic Layer allows you to rollup metrics (e.g. record count, $ amounts, % values, other numeric fields) grouped and colored by geographic boundaries. Though similar to Heat Maps, Thematic Layers allow you ...

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Data Set Filters

Data set filters are an essential piece to developing and building data sets. Data sets are the queries your users run on the map, and a successful strategy begins with planning smart filters. Data sets and the...

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Marker Clusters

Marker Clusters change individual map pins into general area clusters, like the image below: Clusters help you see your data in concentrations, creating a more comprehensive view than possible with layered m...

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Use a Salesforce Report as a Data Set Source

Starting with the Geopointe June '17 Release, you can now use standard Salesforce reports as the source for Geopointe Data Sets. This means that you can now use some of your favorite Salesforce Reports to visu...

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