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Saving and Using Geopointe Locations

Geopointe Locations are locations that you save on the map that do not correlate to Salesforce data. If you're part of an outside team, you probably have locations that you A) visit frequently, B) start your wo...

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Scheduled Routes

Scheduled Routes are a route optimized by appointment times first, distance second. These routes are intended to ensure that you never miss a meeting, or cut the time too close between scheduled appointments. ...

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How To Create a Route of Your Day's Appointments

If you use the Salesforce calendar to plan your day, then you may not be building routes from the Geopointe Map. Instead, you probably want to generate a route based on your calendar. Here's how: 1. Click on...

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How do I export records to CSV after running a map search?

After running a data set search, you can export your mapped data to a CSV file, which will include all of the fields added to the data set. Here's how: 1. In the Mapped Data table, select desired records by c...

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Can I export the address as separate fields, rather than in one field?

By default, Geopointe will use one-column addresses. In order to split the complete address into separate columns, you will need make this change on the data set itself. Here's how: 1. Hover over the data set...

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How to Number Map Pins in a Specific Order

Organizing your data on the Map and in the Mapped Data table can help you iterate through your mapped records and organize them in meaningful ways. In this document, learn how to number your map pins and set Or...

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