Installation / Getting Started

Migrating Geopointe to Another Salesforce Instance

If your company is migrating from one Salesforce instance to another for any reason, we are happy to work with you to make the Geopointe transition as smooth and painless as possible. Steps to completing a suc...

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Cirrus Insight Inbox App

Geopointe is available in your Inbox thanks to Cirrus Insight and the Inbox Apps functionality. We'll quickly walk you through the setup process. Note: These instructions only apply to Geopointe subscribers to ...

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Console Setup

Geopointe works in the console but it does require some additional steps to make it fully functional. Step one is to create custom Map buttons that will correctly open new tabs while in the Cons...

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Geopointe Terms and Functions

This document is a list of terms and functions in Geopointe, to help you better understand them when used on the website or in support communications, sorted by category. Use the menu below to jump to that part...

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