Does Geopointe Work with Account Contact Relationships?

Yes, Geopointe support Account Contact Relationships. Account Contact Relationships is Salesforce functionality introduced in the Summer '16 release. This setting allows the connection of contacts to multiple ...

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Why am I seeing a blank window when I click an action in the Map?

If you see a blank modal window like the one below when executing certain actions from the Map, it is probably because your org has turned on clickjack protection for custom Visualforce pages. This setting affe...

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Why doesn't my Route PDF have a route image on it?

Quite a bit happens behind the scenes to generate that map. It's actually sending out a big long piece of code to Google to get that generated. If the code gets too long and cut off, it will error out and fail ...

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Why are my record pins appearing in Kansas?

You might be surprised to see a record pin appearing in Kansas even though its address is in another state, or even country. This occurs when address formatting or extraneous information confuses Google, so it ...

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What is MixPanel?

Mixpanel is like Google Analytics but built specifically for web applications like Geopointe. We MixPanel ( for tracking application feature usage. The primary purpose is to understand how users ar...

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