Why are shapes missing from my KML export?

Due to a recent licensing change, KML files exported from Geopointe no longer include predefined boundary shapes selected from the Geopointe Shape Library (e.g., county lines, states, and other predefined bound...

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Why do some zip codes end in MX or MH?

You may notice that some zip codes available in the Geopointe Shape Library end in 'MX' or 'MH' instead of numbers. This is usually present in rural regions where there is not enough data to create zip code bou...

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Does Geopointe support Salesforce's external data sources?

As of May 2018, Geopointe supports mapping of External Objects that have been synced using Salesforce Connect. However, there are some limitations. Most important to note is that external data must have latitud...

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Why do I have to leave the window open when I build/rebuild a Thematic Map?

When you build a thematic map for the first time, or re-sync its data later, the current map window must be kept open because the process is occurring inside the Geopointe interface. Previously, this build occu...

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Can URL Parameters Be Used in Salesforce Mobile?

Due to URL limitations in the Salesforce mobile app, most of Geopointe's supported URL parameters do not work in the Salesforce mobile app. The one exception is the id parameter. This is used by the Map button ...

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