Enabling Geocode Correction

Sometimes a pin is in the wrong place, or could be better situated to meet your business needs. Now you can correct the location with just a few clicks. The Correct Location action allows you to drag the pin to...

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Country Code Mappings - Purpose, Usage, and Customization

On the Geopointe Setup page, you may have noticed a setup option on the right labelled Country Code Mappings. This particular Geopointe Setup feature, while not discussed often, is extremely important to you...

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Can a Record be Geocoded As Soon As it's Created?

Yes, but it will require writing a trigger. We don't offer the exact code needed (because every org and need is different), but here is an outline of what you need to do: 1. In an insert trigger, check to see...

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Why are there so many geocodes in my Recycle Bin?

If you find a lot of geocodes in the Recycle Bin, it’s usually because a change in your geocodes resulted in some records being deleted. Here are a few common scenarios for why this might happen: A Map Obje...

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Why are my record pins appearing in Kansas?

You might be surprised to see a record pin appearing in Kansas even though its address is in another state, or even country. This occurs when address formatting or extraneous information confuses Google, so it ...

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