Check-In Reports

Check-Ins can be tracked and reported against just like any other Salesforce Object. Check-In reports can be an effective management tool to track the performance of users who report to you, identify trends, or simply to track your own activities.

Check out this video for a quick overview of the process:

Follow these steps to create a Check-In Report:

1. Create a new report in Salesforce. Select Geopointe Check-Ins as the Report Type (use the Quick Find or find it under Other Reports.) Optionally, you can select a report associated with an object, such as Geopointe Check-Ins with Account. This will limit the report to Check-Ins associated with that object. 

2. Select an option from the Show dropdown. You can choose My Check-Ins (completed by you), My Team's Check-Ins (completed by users who report to you) or All Check-Ins (visible records will be based on your sharing model).

In this example, we're creating a Manager's report of My Team's Check-Ins so we can keep track of the activity of users who report to us.

3. Add any fields that you want to be visible. We're going to add the Who, Why, and When fields to give a more thorough view of the Check-Ins. You can also add any field or date filters to parse down your data to what is relevant. 

4. Save your report, then click Run Report

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