Identify Records Not Geocoding

There are a number of reasons why the geocoder may not be able to identify location coordinates for some of your records, resulting in those records not appearing on the Map. This can occur even if you created a Map Object for it and processed the Geocoder. To address these discrepancies, the first step is to identify the ones that need fixing. This is easy to do with a simple report filter.

In this example, we'll be looking for Accounts that have not been geocoded. You can apply this technique to any object type. 

1. To get a quick idea of how many records are missing from the Map, run a Salesforce report of All Accounts. The report will show a total record count of Accounts. Then, in Geopointe, load an unfiltered Everywhere search of Accounts. You can see the total of this search in the Mapped Layers tab. 
We can quickly see that our report has 5,129 records, but Geopointe was only able to map 5,055. 

Now lets identify which 74 records are missing. 

If the Map Object uses off-record geocoding, continue to Step 2.
If the Map Object uses on-record geocoding, continue to Step 3.

2. (Off-Record Geocoding)
Edit the Accounts report. In the Fields column under Account: Custom Info, drag the Geocode field to your report.
Click Add, then add the Geocode filter. Adjust the filter to show Geocode equals (blank).

3. (On-Record Geocoding)
Edit the Accounts report. In the Fields column under Account: Custom Info, drag the Geocode Quality field to your report.
Click Add, then add the Geocode Quality filter. Set the filter logic to show Geocode Quality equals (blank)

4. Save your report. We chose to Save As and rename it as "Accounts Not Geocoded."

Common Causes

Here are some common reasons why your records may not be mapping:
  • Validation Rules - Learn More
  • Lack of address information
  • Address information is stored in different fields than configured for that Map Object
  • Other Data Quality issues - Learn More
  • The Geocoder has not been scheduled - Learn More 
If you're still not sure what's causing the problem, feel free to reach out to our Support team

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