Geopointe Admin Permissions

The Geopointe Admin Permission Set grants additional administrative and setup capabilities to select Geopointe users. These permissions include access to an additional tab called Geopointe Setup, where the app is configured and managed, as well as the ability to create and manage public data folders in the Geopointe Map.

This document will cover the following:
Map Permissions
Geopointe Setup Permissions
Granting Geopointe Admin Permissions

Map Permissions 

Create and Edit Public Folders - Public folders are accessible to all users in the org, but cannot be edited by anyone except Geopointe Admins. This ensures data integrity by preserving organization-wide data sets, territories, shapes, and other data layers. Admins can also implement special sharing rules for both primary and nested folders. (Learn more about Managing Sharing Access to Folders.) 

Non-admin users can view data in public folders but can only add data sets and other layers to their Personal Saved Layers folder. 

Geopointe Setup Permissions

Providing access to the Geopointe Setup tab is optional, but it will grant users the following abilities:

Org Settings - Set the organization's app preferences and contact information in the Organization Settings tab. 

Map Objects - Configure Salesforce objects for mapping from the Map Objects tab. An Admin is responsible for choosing a mapping configuration and setting the address fields that will be used. 

Actions - Configure and set access to Actions and create new Custom Actions

Map Styles - Add new Map Styles that any users can access in the Map interface. 

Assignment Plans - Configure Assignment Plans for purposes of territory management and other area assignments.

Batch Jobs - Control when and how often mapped records are updated by the Geocoder

Geopointe Data Layer - Set field mapping for importing Zoominfo Business and People data layers. 

User Settings - Admins can also adjust all or selected user's settings from the User Settings tab. 

Note: If you do not want a Geopointe Admin to have Geopointe Setup access, you can remove that tab access from their profile. To do so, navigate to the Profiles page in Setup.  In the Tab Access section, set the Geopointe Setup Tab to Default Off

Granting Geopointe Admin Permissions

You can assign the Geopointe Admin Permission Set to additional users at any time.

To grant ONLY Map Admin Permissions: In Setup, navigate to the Permission Sets page. Click Geopointe Admin > Manage Assignments > Add Assignments, then select and Assign users accordingly. NOTE: This option will not grant Geopointe Setup access. 

To grant BOTH Map and Geopointe Setup Admin Permissions: From the Profiles page of Setup, click the profile of the user you want to provide access to, then set the Geopointe Setup Tab to Default On. This will automatically assign the full Geopointe Admin permission set. The steps to accomplish this depend on whether you have the Enhanced Profile Interface enabled in your Salesforce. Please find each process below.

Enhanced Profile Interface Enabled:

Click Object Settings, then click Geopointe Setup and edit to turn the tab access on.

Old Profile Interface: 

Click Edit. In the Tab Settings section, set the Geopointe Setup Tab to Default On.

Watch this process in action in the video below: