How To Display County on Page Layouts

Geopointe automatically captures county information during the geocoding process. You can take advantage of this free data by creating a custom formula field to display it on your page layouts.  

The county information resides on a field on a related object. For accounts, that field is geopointe__Geocode__r.geopointe__County_clean__c and you can simply enter this in your formula editor to pull the data into your new field.

However, we recommend that you add TRIM and SUBSTITUTE functions to clean out the word "County", which is usually returned in the data and may be redundant if your field is already called County. In the formula below, we used the SUBSTITUTE function to remove the word “County” from the value, then wrapped the whole thing with the TRIM function which will remove lead/trailing spaces.

Here is the "clean" formula that we recommend:

TRIM( SUBSTITUTE(geopointe__Geocode__r.geopointe__County_clean__c, “County”, “”) )

You can alternatively accomplish this with workflow rules that copy the value from the Geocodes object to the master record. But we recommend using a formula because it acts like any other field and you don't need to trigger your data to sync.