Tutorial: Create Salesforce Records From Anywhere on the Map

With a few configuration steps, end users can take any location or business in Google maps and instantly create a Salesforce record. This will ensure new leads and prospects never slip through the cracks, and can help users get the most out of their day in the field or office. In this document, we'll cover some common and powerful use cases. 

Important: Before you begin, make sure your Geopointe Admin has configured a Create Record Action for the desired record type, and activated it for Places on the platform you're using (web or mobile). 

From Your Current Location 

Scenario: You are conducting door-to-door sales and you want to capture contact information on the fly. In this example, we'll be creating a Lead, but you can create other objects as well. 

1. From the Map screen in the Salesforce mobile, tap the Current Location icon (the crosshairs located in the search bar).  

2. Tap the blue dot on the map (your current location). A white bar appears at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap the white bar to reveal available actions, then tap Create Lead (or whatever Create Record type that you have configured). 

4. The Create Record window will launch. Fill out any fields as desired. The name field will default to Current Location, but you can override it with the company or location name. If address fields have been mapped in the Action configuration, address information will be captured automatically. You can work with your Geopointe Admin to customize the data that is automatically collected, and set of fields available. 

5. Tap Save, and you should see a confirmation message with a link to view the new Lead record.

From a Google Places Search

Scenario: You are a marketing manager seeking to build a list of potential prospects or leads inside Salesforce. You want to capture business information from Google and turn it into a Salesforce record. 

1. Center the map to the area you want to search. (Places searches are always run as a Map View search.)

2. In the Search bar of the Map page, enter keyword or address information. You can enter a keyword like 'Restaurants' or 'Law Firms' to focus on your target industry. The Places tab of the Control Panel will show you details about each location result. Hovering over an item in that list will highlight the corresponding map marker. 

Tip: If you want to see more results, you can zoom in to a smaller area so that the 20 results are more concentrated.

3. Click a Place marker to open the info window. This info window will also display useful information that Google has stored, like address, phone number, rating, and business hours. If you like what you see, click Create Lead (or whatever Create Record type you have configured). 

4. Fill out any fields as desired, then click Save. You should receive a confirmation and a link to view the new record.

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