Sales Rep Feature Guide

Use Geopointe on the Road

Take advantage of powerful navigation and routing features, and easily access your Salesforce data while you’re in the field.

Build, Update, and Configure Routes
Keep your day productive and your schedule flexible by creating and revising your route while you’re on the road.

Navigate To Appointments
Once you build a route in Geopointe, launch it into your favorite navigation or rideshare app in your mobile settings.

Optimize and Schedule Your Route Stops
Take advantage of scheduling features so you never miss an appointment.

Fill Cancellations and Adjust Your Route
When prospects cancel a meeting last-minute, you can fill that open spot by adding a new location to your route in Salesforce Mobile.

Check In To Meetings
Log your sales meetings and visits with a simple Check-In/Check-Out map action, and add Custom Check-In Field Sets to make this action even more robust.

Create Salesforce Records On the Fly 
Use Create Record actions to create new leads and opportunities on the fly, maximizing your productivity during door-to-door sales.

Analyze and Manage Your Data

Use these tools to analyze and manage your leads and gain meaningful insight about your Salesforce data.

Demographic Data
Layer rich demographic data onto the Map to add a human dimension to your geographic analysis.

Visualize record concentrations or numeric data with a heatmap so you can analyze your data at a glance.

Thematic Maps
View roll-up numeric data metrics (e.g. sum of opportunities, average annual revenue), grouped by geographic boundaries.

Build a Route From Your Desktop
Build and schedule routes to meet with prospects, leads, and other contacts inside Salesforce.

Create Records From The Map 
Search the map with keywords to see Google locations, then add them to Salesforce as new prospects, leads, or any other record.

Draw Shapes
Draw out territories or use shapes to analyze your Salesforce data by hand-selected regions.

Custom Map Markers
Applying custom colors and marker icons to your mapped records will help you analyze data at a glance.