Sales Admin Feature Guide

Learn about tools in Geopointe to help you manage business processes, discover and assign leads, and direct your team members.

Create and Manage Data Sets
Create dynamic filtered data sets to display your Salesforce data on the map, and manage folder sharing so that team members have access to the data most relevant to them.

Search and Visualize Data Trends
Utilize numerous search techniques to visualize your data, identify regional concentrations, and see the geographic side of your Salesforce records.

Create Data Sets of Your Subordinates' Records
Monitor and analyze your team's records geographically with data sets of records belonging to your subordinates.

Define Territories with Assignment Plans
Configure geographic-based territories and assign them to the correct sales rep, or use custom fields to identify them.

Map Actions
Integrate your business processes within Geopointe by launching powerful actions from your mapped data, such as changing record ownership, checking in to a record, and viewing related records.

Global Business and People Data Layer
Discover prospects and detailed information about them on the map, and import them into Salesforce.