Creating Custom Fields for Check-Ins / Check-Outs

By creating custom Check-In / Check-Out fields, you can support your special business needs and allow users to record useful information about a visit. These fields can be set up for either the Task object or the Geopointe Check-In object, depending on where you want to track the data in Salesforce.

Note: Before you begin, please note that you cannot create field sets in Lightning. You must be using the Classic interface to access Field Sets.

Follow the steps below to create the custom fields:

1. In Salesforce Setup, create a field set for either the Task or Geopointe Check-In Object by following the pathway indicated below.

Task Object: Navigate to Task Field Sets (under Customize | Activities). Click New

Geopointe Check-In Object: Navigate to the Geopointe Check-In object (Create | Objects). Under Field Sets, click New

2. Enter a Field Set Label and let the Field Set Name auto-populate, then enter a description of where the field set will be used.

3. Click and drag each field to the Available for Field Set section. Be sure to arrange them in the order that you want them to appear to end users.

4. Navigate to the Org Settings sub-tab of Geopointe Setup, then click Edit.

5. Task Object: In the Check-In / Check-Out Preferences section, click the drop-down next to Check-In Task Field Set and select the field set you just created. You can use the same field set for the Check-Out Task Field Set, or repeat the process above to use a different one. 

Geopointe Check-In Object: Click the drop-down next to Check-In Field Set and select the field you just created. You can use the same field set for the Check-Out Field Set, or repeat the process above to use a different one. 

6. Click Save, and launch the Salesforce mobile app to see your new Check-In fields in action. Note: If users have enabled Quick Check-In Quick Check-Out in their personal map settings, these fields will not be available during the Check-In / Check-Out process.