Why Is SpatialKey loading a blank screen?

Some Chrome users who use the Lightning interface may see a blank screen when they launch SpatialKey from the Analytics screen. If you see this issue, it is likely because your Chrome settings are not allowing Flash to run automatically, and Chrome is not prompting you to allow it as it should. (Note: This issue will only occur if Chrome's Flash settings are set to Block sites from running flash or Ask First.)

Here's a quick workaround: Switch to the Salesforce Classic interface, then relaunch the SpatialKey map. You should now see SpatialKey's error screen with directions on how to enable Flash (see screencap below). Click Enable Flash, then click Allow in the Chrome pop-up, if prompted.

If you adjust your Chrome settings to allow Flash to run without asking, then you won't see this issue. You can manage these settings in your Chrome browser by navigating to the top right menu > Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Flash.