Geopointe November 2017 Release

Last Updated October 24, 2017
(release notes will be regularly updated as the actual release approaches)

Geopointe's November 2017 release is scheduled to be generally available on AppExchange Wednesday, November 1st, 2017. This page contains the most important details regarding the release and will be updated as the release progresses.

Release Schedule

The Geopointe release begins when the release is pushed to all sandboxes. The AppExchange listing will be updated to the new release 7-10 days after the sandbox push, making it generally available for production install. This allows admins the ability to upgrade their systems at a time most convenient for them. The release webinar occurs when the AppExchange is updated as a preview of the release and to allow for questions. Finally, all remaining Geopointe production systems are automatically upgraded on a weekend. The release cycle takes place over the course of about 4 weeks. The schedule for this release is as follows:
Name Description Date
Sandbox All Geopointe installs in Sandboxes will be automatically updated 10/21/2017
Manual Update The release will be available on AppExchange to allow you to manually update your production system.  11/1/2017
Automatic Update All Geopointe installs in production systems will receive the update automatically 11/18/2017

Release Webinar

We will be hosting a release webinar demonstrating the new features on Wednesday, November 1st at 1:00 P.M. Eastern Time. Click here to register.  If you are unable to attend, please register and the recorded webinar will be emailed to you. An on-demand recording will be available after the webinar.

Feature Summary and User Impact

Feature Automatically visible to all users Not automatically visible, requires admin setup Contact Us to enable this feature
Geopointe Live Tracking
Live Tracking of Vehicles and Assets     X
Daily Summary of Vehicle Metrics     X
Real-Time Vehicle Events     X
Auto Check In and Auto Check Out     X
Geopointe in the Browser
Improved Color By Options for Date Fields X    
Geopointe for Salesforce1
Recent Data Sets X    
Hide Map on Check In and Check Out   X  
Geopointe Platform
Map Records in Lightning on Custom Objects   X  
Set Map Object Icon Default   X  
Nearby List Component in Community Builder   X  
All Actions Enabled for Admins during Install X (new users)    

Geopointe Live Tracking

Live Tracking of Vehicles and Assets

Geopointe now has the ability to track the live location of vehicles and high-value mobile assets. The location of delivery trucks, field technicians, mobile generators, trailers, and more are now available on the map in real time. This feature enables improved asset management, real-time resource allocation, and more.

Vehicle history is also accessible from the map. This allows you to check the vehicle historic locations and to see where events such as hard braking and long idle occurred.

Daily Summary of Vehicle Metrics

Vehicles enabled for Geopointe's live tracking functionality will create Daily Summary records in your Salesforce environment. Record metrics include miles traveled, idle duration, number of harsh events, and maximum speed, as well as others. The data on these records can then be used in reports and dashboards for expense management, driver auditing, or other vehicle monitoring needs.


Real-Time Vehicle Events

Vehicle events are pushed into your Salesforce organization in near real time. A Salesforce record is created with details about the event: location, time, and other vehicle attributes. These events can initiate Salesforce Workflow Rules, Apex Triggers, and Process Builder flows to solve many different business challenges.

For example, perhaps a manager wants to be alerted when a new service driver is making hard left or right turns that could be damaging to equipment. Or perhaps the driver should be alerted if idle for too long. These vehicle events potentially increase the communication between your field team and those supporting them in the office.

Below are the following supported events in this initial release:

  • Ignition On
  • Ignition Off
  • Start Moving
  • Stop Moving
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Hard Deceleration
  • Hard Left
  • Hard Right
  • Collision
  • Long Idle
  • Device Disconnect
  • Device Connected

Auto Check In and Auto Check Out

If a vehicle is enabled for live tracking, Geopointe can automatically perform Check In and Check Out actions when arriving and departing an Account, Contact, Opportunity, or any other custom object.


Geopointe in the Browser Feature Details

Improved Color By Options for Date Fields

Previously, dates were not ideal for color markers; they only worked for the same date (or same date and time on date/time fields) or required the use of formula fields. With this release, data set markers can be defined by date ranges and other "smart dates" options. Date ranges will allow you select calendar dates to form into buckets.

Dynamic and "smart dates" give you plenty of options, some automatic and others customizable.

Custom dynamic date ranges can be defined by you to meet your need. For example, if you wanted to see a map of clients with a birthday this month, as well as clients with upcoming birthdays, you can set your color markers to show this month's birthdays more prominently than upcoming birthdays.

Some dynamic date buckets have been pre-defined for you. You can choose month, quarter, or day of the week.

These features will give you a wider array of coloring options, making dates a more prominent part of your Geopointe experience.

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Geopointe for Salesforce1 Feature Details

Recent Data Sets

The June '16 release introduced the idea of seeing Recent Layers in the Saved Layers sub-tab in the desktop version of Geopointe, allowing for quick access to the layers used most. Now you will have the same functionality in Salesforce1. The Salesforce1 version will only relate to data sets, not all layer types.

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Hide Map on Check In and Check Out

Some use cases for check-ins do not require end users to see a map upon checking in or out. Admins can now hide the map during the Check in and Check Out process.

Default view with the Map visible:

Map Hidden during Check In/Out process:

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Geopointe Platform Feature Details

Map Records Button in Lightning on Custom Objects Tabs

The Map Records buttons allows you to be on a list view, select records from the list, and then go to the map with those records displayed. We recently updated the packaged buttons to work for both Classic and Lightning. Now, you can create a Map Records button on custom objects in Lightning as well.

Some minor setup must be done by a Salesforce administrator, requiring the creation of a very basic Visualforce page (with no Apex code). We will provide these steps to you and make this a very simple process for any admin to complete.

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Set Map Object Icon Default

Map Objects can now have a default icon. This icon will be seen most by users when using the Map button on record pages, replacing the red icon with a yellow house currently used today. It is also displayed when the id or idArray url parameter are used.

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Nearby List Component in Community Builder

A popular feature used in Lightning page layouts and as a Salesforce1 tab is our Nearby lightning component. This highly customizable component allows you to see records close to the record you are viewing without having to leave the page. This component is now also available inside the Community Builder.

All Actions Enabled for Admins during Install

We recognized that upon Geopointe install, it was hard to know what actions were available for testing. To simplify the testing process, all Geopointe Administrators will now automatically have access to all Geopointe standard actions. Once the admins have had a chance to test these actions, they can then update the user access and give end users access as they see fit. Note: this only applies to new installs.

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We hope you enjoy what we have delivered in this release! Remember, we are always looking for new ideas.