Managing User Settings From Geopointe Setup

In the User Settings tab of Geopointe Setup, admins can manage map settings for their user base by either configuring default settings for new users, or adjusting the settings of existing users. Users already have the ability to adjust their own settings from the Map page, but with the User Settings tab, admins can maintain company or departmental standards and better support end user needs.

Consider these use cases:
  • Set a default starting map location for groups of users, based on office location.
  • Maintain standard route optimization settings for all field sales reps.
  • Set a default map style to maintain consistency across your organization.

To access the User Settings feature, click the tab in Geopointe Setup. You should see a list of active users with a Geopointe license.

Note: Users must have accessed the Map at least once in order to appear in this list.


Edit Defaults For New Users

Admins can set default settings that will automatically apply to all new Geopointe users. These changes will not apply to existing users. To change the settings of existing users, refer to the next section of this document.

To set defaults, click the Edit Defaults button.

A screen will appear with Map settings that you can adjust. If you need a reminder of what each setting means, hover over the question mark for a brief explanation. 

Make your changes, then click Save.

Note: End users can override these defaults by clicking the gear icon on the Map screen to adjust their personal settings.

Change Settings of Existing Users

To adjust map settings for one or more existing users, follow these steps:

1. Check the boxes next to the users you want to update, then click Edit Selected Records. Or, if you want to change the settings of all users, click Edit All Records.

The next screen will present a Field selection drop-down.

2. Select a field from the drop-down that you want to set.

3. Set your value for the field.

4. Click Save. You’ll receive a confirmation that the record was updated successfully.