Make a Call from Geopointe in Salesforce Mobile App

Have you ever been en route to an important meeting and realized that you were cutting it much too close to get there on time?  Or perhaps realized halfway to an appointment you had double booked that afternoon? You need to make a phone call, preferably without searching through your phone for the number or attempting to dial when driving.

Using Geopointe in the Salesforce mobile app, you can easily tap the phone number to instantly dial it on your mobile device.

With results results on the map, tap the record you need to call, tap on the white banner to bring up all of your fields, and locate the phone number. Tap it and the screen will gray out to the Call action. Tap Call and your mobile device will automatically dial the number.



It's convenient, practical, easier and safer.

1. You must have search results on the map to perform this action.
2. The data set you search against must have a phone number field attached. If not, it will not be available.