How do I prevent Geopointe from loading my current location in the web?

Upon loading the Map page, Geopointe will automatically center the map on your location, as long as your browser settings allow location for that domain. You can prevent the map from auto-loading your location by unchecking Use Geolocation in your Map Settings, accessed from the gear icon on the Map page: 

Keep in mind that even if you have custom coordinates set for your default starting position, the map will still load your current location if you have Use Geolocation checked.

Block Location Access In Your Browser

Another way to prevent this is by disabling location access for the domain in your browser settings. This will prevent Geopointe from loading your current location, regardless of your map preferences.

The pathway varies by browser, but here is how you can do this in Chrome: In the top right of the browser window, click the More icon (three dots) | Settings | Advanced | Content Settings | Location. Click the trash icon next to the domains you want to block from accessing your location.