How Do I Add a Shapefile to SpatialKey?

One of the most used functions inside of SpatialKey is the thematic map layer. Rather than using the US boundaries provided, you can also see them based on boundaries inside a shapefile.

Shapefile import is not a part of the SpatialKey interface for Geopointe users, and is not a step that you as a customer can complete. Not to worry, though, we have access and are happy to do that for you.

To upload the Shapefile, we'll need the following:

1. For you to grant us support login access.
2. A copy of the Shapefile (the entire .zip) sent to us.

Note that shapefiles inside of SpatialKey can only be 50MB in size. Important: Shapefile management is not free. We will give you 2-3 weeks to test it out and then we'll send you an add-on order. It's a nominal charge based on your tier level, and you can request a quote if needed.