Using Assignment Plans for Filters

Assignment plans can be used to achieve many other business goals besides territory management. One powerful application is the ability to filter records by assignment areas. 

With the following use cases, you can easily manage business processes based on geography:
  • Restriction zones where local regulations prevent you from doing business
  • Areas where special processes and documents are required
  • Regions drawn out based on demographic statistics, to help users developed specialized outreach approach 

Example: Filter Against Restricted Area Zones 

In this example, we'll show you how to create "Restricted Area" zones where certain business transactions are not allowed. For example, you work in vacation rentals, and you want to only see current listings that do NOT fall within cities with vacation rental restrictions. We can identify these listings by filtering against an Assignment Area. 

You could spend the time to create data set filters based on zip code or city name, but then the information is only useful on the map, and editing filters is tedious. By creating an Assignment Plan, you can display assignments on record pages, filter against those fields, and store this data in Salesforce for reporting purposes. 

Here are the steps needed to execute this:

1. Create your shape. To create this particular shape, zip codes were imported as text for cities in CA that have AirBnB restrictions.

2. Create your Assignment Plan. We used the Related Object configuration, rather than simply a field, in case a record falls into more than one type of restriction zone. If you only have one kind of restriction, save yourself the extra work and use the field configuration instead.

3. Link the shape up to the Assignment Plan as a new Assignment Area.

4. Run the Assignment Job. After it's completed, every record that falls within the boundaries of that shape will be marked as Restricted. You can see this on the record detail page because the Restricted Area Warning field will be populated with "AirBnB Restricted." 

5. Now it's time to filter. Because this Assignment Plan uses a related object, it will be a cross-object filter, looking for Accounts without Restricted Area Warnings that equal AirBnB. Note: If you chose to create your Assignment Plan using a field instead of an object, you would use the standard field filters instead.

6. Run your search! For comparison's sake, you may want to pull up the shape you created for the restriction. You'll notice that all of the search results on the map exist outside of those shape boundaries. 

Not only have you created this filter without having to maintain it as a data set, but you're writing the information back to your Salesforce records, so the data can also be used in reports.