How to Save a Demographics Layer

Geographically visualizing your Salesforce data is an invaluable addition to almost any business. But, Demographics data allows you to do even more with you data. Seeing that data overlaid with demographics information allows for smarter market understanding and better resource distribution.

To create a new demographics layer, start on the Saved Layers tab of the Map's control panel. Click on the [+] button and select Demographics from the options listed. 

Give your layer a name and choose the folder it will be saved into. Next, choose your metric options in the drop-downs. Enter in the minimum and maximum values you would like to use (this determines the granularity of your colors).

 If you're unsure about min and max values, turn on Show Legend to help you adjust. Notice that as you adjust the min and max, your layer becomes visible on the map.

Once all of the values are filled in, click Save As. Your newly saved Demographics layer will be visible on the map and now stored in the folder you designated on the Saved Layers tab.

To retrieve the Demographics layer later, find it in the list of Saved Layers and click its name. It will then load onto the map.



Do you offer any data from other countries?
At this time, we do not have data from other countries, but we aren't ruling it out in the future. If there is a country in particular you need this information for, please tell us about it on our Ideas site.

Weren't the demographics on the Mapped Layers tab? Where did they go?
With the June '16 release of Geopointe, demographics were moved to the Saved Layers tab instead. This allows you to better personalize the demographics you need and save your preferences, rather than having to reset it every time you come to the map.

Want to know more? See the FAQs in the Demographics section of our help site.