Enable Mobile Location Services and Location Tracking Settings

Allowing Geopointe to track your Current Location on your desktop or in the Salesforce mobile app enables you to:
  • Center the map on your current location.
  • Search for points of interest on your way to an appointment or meeting (e.g. coffee recharge).
  • Log notes or check-in to a record you just visited.
  • Search for records close to your location for impromptu meetings or to fill a cancellation gap.
  • Create Routes in the field to stay organized and maximize efficiency.

Geopointe for the Web

When you access the Map for the first time, it will prompt you Allow/Block Geopointe from knowing your current location.

In the web, this is an optional feature, dependent on what makes most sense for your searching needs. If you will typically be searching around your location, choosing Allow will save you time. If you prefer the world view or want to determine your own starting position (in your personal setting in the upper right), choose Block.

If you click Allow, the map will focus in on your Current location. For Geopointe employees in the Southern California office, the map looks something like this:

If you want to switch your choice (whether it be Allow or Block) after you've made it, there should be an icon in your browser's URL bar that you can click on to clear your current preferences. 

Once you Clear the Settings for Future Visits (the wording varies between browsers), a refresh re-prompts you to allow Geopointe to use your current location.

Geopointe for Salesforce Mobile

You must enable location services and current location tracking on your mobile device for the Salesforce mobile app to be useful. On iOS, if you do not allow Location Services the first time, you cannot change it; if you open the Settings app and look at the Salesforce Mobile settings, Location Services will be greyed out and cannot be changed. The only way to remedy this is to uninstall reinstall Salesforce. You will be prompted again the first time you load the app after reinstalling.

iOS Current Location Tracking

When you access the Map in the Salesforce mobile app, it will prompt you to select if you want the Map access to your current location (this appears after enabling Location Services). Select Allow.


If by accident you select Do Not Allow, the map will not locate you. To fix this, close the app completely (by returning to your home screen, double clicking the home button, force-closing the app, then relaunching the app. It will prompt you again.

Android Current Location Tracking

Android devices are typically more forgiving with Location Services. In most cases, you can toggle back and forth between allowing/blocking access for both Location Services and Current Location Tracking on your device. It will either prompt you when opening the app, as shown in the iOS screencaps, or can be found on Location Tab in the System Settings