Add a Custom Map Style

Geopointe allows you to customize the visual appearance of the map. This allows you to draw attention to certain features, remove unnecessary clutter, or simply make the map look however you want. It could look something like this, rather than the Google Maps default:

Creating a Map Style

To create a custom map style, navigate to the Geopointe Setup page and then the Map Styles tab.

Click New Map Style. This opens the map style creation page. Each map style requires a name and a JSON string with the map style data. Once you have your information, click Save.

Once saved, it will show up in the drop down list at the top right of the map. Once selected, it will both change the map and save the style choice for your next visit.

For more information on what properties are available for customization, see the Google Maps documentation if you would like to write your own JSON string. For free map style examples, check out Snazzy Maps; they have lots of great options.