Enabling Geocode Correction

Sometimes a pin is in the wrong place, or could be better situated to meet your business needs. Now you can correct the location with just a few clicks. The Correct Location action allows you to drag the pin to a new location and save the new lat/longs. Correct Location is enabled as a button when viewing record data on the map.

To enable the Geocode Correction feature, follow these steps:

1. Create field(s) (or make sure you have existing ones) to store the latitude and longitude data. You can either create one Geolocation type field (set to decimals), or two numeric fields, with somewhere between 5-10 decimal places. If you have Group or Professional edition, make sure this field is on your page layout.

2. Navigate to the Geopointe Setup page, click the Map Objects tab, then select the map object that you would like this feature enabled for. Click Edit.

3. Click the [change] link next to the Latitude Field and select the appropriate latitude field. Do the same for the Longitude field, then click Save.

4. Switch to the Actions tab in Geopointe Setup. Under the Point Actions section, click Edit next to Correct Location.

5. Check the box for Available (Web). Click Save. Note: If you don't have it lat/longs attached to all map objects, you may want to click the radio button for Selected Objects and choose which ones to use.

That’s it! Now you are ready to use the Correct Location feature on the map.

As an example, let's map Disneyland:

Right now, my pin is placed at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. That's fine for my account information, but I want my pin to actually be at Disneyland.
Without changing the address, this is an easy change to make with Correct Location.

When you click the button to Correct Location, you will be prompted to drag the map pin to the desired location on the map.

Once you have placed the map pin in the desired location, click Save. Click Save again in the confirmation.

You will now see the map pin in the corrected location. A confirmation will appear in the top right corner of the map letting you know that the record was updated. And that's it!


Use Cases for Correct Location

  • Fix incorrect addresses (the geocoder had a hard time locating it).
  • Move the marker to a more relevant location than the one provided by the address (e.g. a preferred entrance point, or a specific building on a large property).
  • Place pin over specific equipment or landmarks (e.g. an A/C unit serviced by your company, a gas tank that needs to be refilled, or to identify a ranch's field removed from the address).