Mass Update Records from the Map

Mass Update allows you to change a record value for all or selected records after a map search. The UI is pretty self-explanatory, but hopefully these steps help you.

Using the Mass Update Action
  1. Select desired records using a shape, by checking records individually, or just leave records unchecked to update all.
    • If selecting via shape, click the shape, then the shape Actions button, then click Update Fields.
    • If updating checked records or the entire search result, on the bottom right hand side of the list view, click on the Actions button, then click the Update Field button.
  2. In the Update Field dialog:
    • Select an Object (if only one type of Object is available, it is pre-selected).
    • The number of records to be updated is displayed.
    • Select a Field for update.
    • Enter or select a value to be updated. For certain Fields, “None” or an empty value may be a viable choice. Other Fields may be required, or their values limited by validation rules. Any such restrictions may result in error messages, which are displayed following the Update.
    • Click Update Field Values.
The results of your Update are displayed.  If there are errors during the Update, each failing record is displayed with any associated error messages.  Clicking the record name opens the record page in a separate tab, so you can address the cause(s) of the failure.

To transfer the list of errors (e.g. an email to your IT department), use your mouse to select the entire list (the dialog scrolls if the list is long) and copy/paste it to another document.



Mass Update is turned on in Geopointe Setup, under the Actions tab. It is considered a List Action. It can activated or de-activated by editing the Action.

If you want to restrict who can or cannot Mass Update records, click on User Access next to the action. You can then choose specific people who have access to it.