Inline Editing from the Map

Inline editing allows you to update record fields directly from the record info window on the map. 

To do so, click on a mapped result to launch the info window. You will see pencil icons next to the editable fields, as shown below. 

Address fields cannot be edited from the map, but you can edit any fields added to the data setNote: The system will use Object & Field Level Security to determine whether a field is editable for a user. It will also consider record-level rules to determine whether the user has Read/Write or Read-Only access.

Click the pencil icon (or double click the field value) to launch the edit window. This could be a text box, picklist, or date selector. Change it to the desired value, then click the check mark. Click x if you want to cancel. 

Edits can also be made from the Mapped Data list below the map. Like on the map, click either on the pencil or double-click the field value to edit. 

Click the check mark to save or click x to cancel.  
Changes made from Geopointe will immediately update that field on the Salesforce record.


For Admins

This feature is automatically turned on, but can be disabled/reenabled from the Org Settings tab of Geopointe Setup.