How to Notify Users When a Route is Shared With Them

When an inside sales rep or team manager created a route for another user, it makes sense to notify the user that a new route has been shared with them. On the back end, a route share creates a Geopointe Route Share record, which means you can kick off a workflow to send an email based on that record creation.

In Salesforce Setup, navigate to the Workflow Rules page and click New Rule

The information needed for the rule is presented below.

Select Object: Geopointe Route Share

Rule Name: Something about Route Sharing Email
Evaluated the rule when record is: created
Run this rule if the following: formula evaluates to true
Formula Example: CreatedById  <>  geopointe__User__r.Id

Add Workflow Action: New Email Alert
Description/Unique Name: Something about Email Alert
Email Template: One you've already created for this
Recipient Type: Related User
Selected Recipients: Related User: User

If you are new to workflows, they are a very useful Salesforce tool. You can learn more about them in Salesforce's article on Creating a Workflow Rule.