Using Person Accounts in Geopointe

Person Accounts can be a little tricky to handle in Geopointe. Typically, when Person Accounts are activated, a Person Account's address is stored in the Mailing Address and the Business Account's address is stored in the Billing Address, which means we can't just map the Accounts to one set of addresses. To solve this problem, we use formula fields to pull the correct address for the correct type of account.

Using Formula Fields to Map Person Accounts

1. In Setup, navigate to Accounts | Fields (under Customize). Click New next to the Account Custom Fields and Relationships section. (In Lightning interface, use the Object Manager to navigate to Accounts.)

2. Create five fields, one for each part of the address (Street, City, State, Zip, Country), using the criteria and formula values below. Your new fields should be set up as follows:

Data Type: Formula
Field Label/Name: Something easy to remember; we have suggestions below
Formula Return Type: Text
Formula: See Table Below
Field Label Field Name Formula Value
Mapping Street Mapping_Street IF( IsPersonAccount , PersonMailingStreet , BillingStreet )
Mapping City Mapping_City IF( IsPersonAccount , PersonMailingCity , BillingCity )
Mapping State Mapping_State IF( IsPersonAccount , PersonMailingState , BillingState )
Mapping Postal Code Mapping_Postal_Code IF( IsPersonAccount , PersonMailingPostalCode , BillingPostalCode )
Mapping Country Mapping_Country IF( IsPersonAccount , PersonMailingCountry , BillingCountry )

3. Navigate to Geopointe Setup and click on the Map Objects tab. If you've already created the Map Object for Accounts, edit it and insert your new formula fields. If you're creating it brand new, change the default billing address to your new formula fields.

If you're using the shipping address instead of billing, don't forget to make those necessary adjustments in our provided formulas above.

Alternative Method

Though less popular than the method listed above, you can also map the Person Accounts and Business Accounts as two separate map objects: one for Accounts and one for Contacts. This method, while potentially confusing to your team, requires less setup. 

The Accounts Map Object should be looking to either the billing address (by default) or the shipping address, and would house your business accounts. The Contacts Map Object should be looking to the mailing address, which is where Person Account addresses are stored by default. The rest of the Map Object setup should follow the basic instructions on our website.