Enable Change Ownership in Geopointe Assignment Plans

Setting an Assignment Plan to automatically re-assign the record owner is quite easy and will allow you to streamline the process of managing territories.

To set up this feature, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Assignment Plans tab in Geopointe Setup. 

2. Either edit an existing or create a new Assignment Plan.

3. Check the Reassign Owner checkbox. 

4. Make sure each assignment area has a User filled in. Click Edit next to the area name to make changes.

5. Once both are done, Save your plan. Back on the main Assignment Plans tab, make sure to click Activate and click the Run Assignment Plan link next to your Plan.

Updating an Old Plan

If you are adding ownership reassignment to an existing, active plan, you have an additional step to ensure the change sticks.

1. Deactivate the plan. Wait any current Assignment Plan jobs to complete (check on the Batch Jobs tab; it is possible there aren't any running).

2. Re-Activate the plan, and then click Run Assignment Plan.