Lightning Release

Geopointe's Lightning release is scheduled to be generally available on AppExchange Wednesday, September 30, 2015. It is a small release that includes Geopointe’s Lightning Ready updates and adds support for five new languages: Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian and Swedish. This page contains the most important details regarding the release and will be updated as the release progresses.

Release Schedule

The Lightning release will have an abbreviated release schedule.  The table below provides the schedule for this release.
Name Description Date
Manual Update The release will be available on AppExchange to allow you to manually update your production system. 9/30/2015
Automatic Update All Geopointe installs in production systems will receive the update automatically 10/3/2015

Release Webinar

There will be no webinar for this release.

Feature Summary and User Impact

Feature Automatically visible to all users Not automatically visible, requires some setup Contact Arrowpointe to enable this feature
Geopointe in the Browser
Lightning Experience Look and Feel X    
Lightning Experience   X  
Multilingual Support X    
Geopointe for Salesforce1
Multilingual Support X    

Feature Details

Lightning Experience Look and Feel

Geopointe’s Map page has been updated to reflect the look and feel of Salesforce’s new Lightning Experience.  Users staying in Salesforce Classic mode will notice the updated styles, but encounter no change in functionality. 

Classic Geopointe Map

The main places you’ll notice the updated look are:
  • New “Salesforce Sans” font
  • Buttons in the pin info window and elsewhere
  • Some modal windows: Create Record, Add to Campaign, Change Owner
  • Tables: Mapped Data table and Related Records tables

Lightning Experience 

Users who switch to the Lightning Experience will also see the updated styles.  While all standard Geopointe functionality is still supported, you may need to update custom actions you have created to be compatible with the Lightning Experience.  Custom actions that are most likely to be affected by the Lightning Experience are URL actions.

Geopointe Lightning Map

Multilingual Support

We support 5 new languages!   Geopointe already supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Now we’ve added:
  • Finnish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
Our Map page (both for the desktop and in Salesforce1) will be fully translated. Any user with a language listed above as their Salesforce language setting will have Geopointe loaded in that language. For users with any other language settings, English will be used as the default. Our plan, over the next couple releases, is to support every language that Salesforce supports. Please note that the Geopointe setup pages and our Help Site are not being translated at this time. The focus is on the map page itself.