Accessing the Map From a Record in Salesforce Mobile App

A convenient way to access the Geopointe map in the web version is the Map button, which takes you to the map centered on that particular location; this is especially ideal for nearby searches around that particular record. This same functionality can also be used to access the map in the Salesforce mobile app and can be done in one of two ways.

1. Use the same Map button you already have. (Recommended) Thanks to some updates to the Salesforce mobile app, URL buttons now also work as actions when looking at a record in the mobile app. Following the instructions for making the Map button visible on your page layout should be all you need. This also works for custom objects or custom buttons that use URL parameters.

2. Create a Salesforce Mobile Action that launches that Map. This publisher action opens the Map inside of an action, rather than simply re-directing to the Map tab itself. To create this, use the Quick Find to navigate to Global Actions, then click New Action

Enter the new action information as follows:

Action Type: Custom Visualforce
Visualforce Page: Map [geopointe__Map]
Height: This is up to you, but make it a large number (e.g. 2000px).
Standard Label Type: None
Label/Name: Anything you like (e.g. Map).

Click Save.

Once created, you can add this action to either the Global Publisher Layout (Create | Global Actions | Global Publisher Layout) or on individual Page Layouts. It's up to you! You'll want to drag it onto the layout under the Quick Actions. It should also work in Mobile & Lightning Actions