Manually Schedule the Assignment Plan Batch Job

If you need to run the assignment plan at a specific time every day, or less frequently than our packaged schedule does, you can manually set the job to run via Salesforce Setup. For example, if you have a high data volume and the job could potentially prevent other jobs from running during the work day, you may want to run this after work hours.

To get started, navigate to Salesforce Setup, click Develop, then click Apex Classes.  Once there, click Schedule Apex. (In Lightning, click Custom Code, then click Apex Classes.)

On the edit screen, give the job a name, locate the 
AssignmentPlan_MasterSchedule Apex Class, and then set the days and frequency for your job. It could potentially look something like this:

Once you're ready, click Save.

Don't forget that after you've set this up, you'll want to make sure our packaged schedule is turned off. Go to Geopointe Setup | Batch Jobs to double check the status of the Assignment Plan job.