What To Expect When Geocoding

The geocoding process is how Geopointe converts address information into mappable coordinates. The first time a record is geocoded, Geopointe creates and populates lat/long data on a geocode record and ties it to the parent record with a geocode field. When a value is put in that field, the Last Modified Date will change. 

When an object is configured as a mappable object, by default it will geocode all records with any address information on that object (the only exception is if a map object filter has been applied). As a result, the first few batch jobs for that object will make a lot of updates.

Off-Record Geocoding: The only time a parent record is updated is the first time a record is geocoded or if the geocode record gets deleted and needs to be recreated. If the record's address changes, it will get re-geocoded, but only the geocode record is updated. The map object record (e.g. Contact) is not updated.

After an object is set up as a map object and the initial geocoding job is complete, the scheduled hourly geocoding jobs will only update map object records that have not yet been geocoded. Under typical usage, few map object records are created each hour, so only a small number of map object records would be updated. However, with a mass import, the next geocode job will likely update a lot of records.

On-Record Geocoding: Unlike off-record geocoding, on-record will cause more updates to the parent record. When a record is first geocoded, the batch job will write the geocode information directly into specified fields on the object. If the address is updated, it clears out those geocode fields. When the batch job runs again, it will write new geocode information into those fields.

While not typically a problem for more orgs, if you have processes, workflows, or triggers that occur on a record update, this is behavior to be aware of. You may also want to update them to exclude changes to these fields.

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