Adjusting User Access to Actions

Some actions may not be appropriate for all Geopointe end users, but are important to certain subgroups. For example, maybe you only want admins to see and use Change Owner, or Analysts to be able to export to a CSV. We have employed the Salesforce sharing model to give you full flexibility over who does and doesn't see those actions.

Restricting Actions access is done from Geopointe Setup on the Actions tab. You can adjust it in one of two places. In the list, you'll notice each action includes Edit and User Access as options.

Option 1: Edit User Access by clicking the link for User Access next to the action you want to edit.
Option 2: Click Edit and then click the User Access button on that next page. This option is great if you want to take a closer look at what the action is doing before you actually click through.

Once on that next page, you should recognize it as a typical Salesforce sharing page, where you can delete or add access to groups or individuals.